How to Choose Glasses for Your Face Shape

There’s a secret art to finding glasses that suit you, and it all lies in the shape of your face. The right frame can enhance your features and change the look of your face, so it’s important to know what to look for.

Before we get into what glasses suit your face, we need to figure out what shape your face actually is. Ask a friend if you can’t decide for yourself.

What Shape is Your Face?


black and white cartoon pictures of face shapes oval, round and heart

You have a softly rounded chin and evenly proportioned features.

You have full cheeks and round chin with a wide forehead.

You have full cheeks and wide forehead with a pointed hairline.



black and white cartoon pictures of face shapes square, triangular, and long

You have a broad face with a wide, defined jaw and square chin.

You have high cheekbones with a low hanging hairline and long forehead.

You have high cheekbones and a hairline that reaches further down your face.


What Frame Shapes Suit a Rounded Face?

Frames for round faces

If you have a round, oval, or heart-shaped face you should go for angular frames as they add structure to your face. We’ve designed our range of frames with this in mind, so take a look at some of our favourites below.  

Rectangular Frames

front facing picture of elland tortoiseshell ichoose glasses

Pictured: Elland Tortoiseshell

Angular frames bring definition and contrast to softer, rounder faces. The lower rim substitutes for cheek bones and adds a compelling aura of sophistication to your appearance.


front facing picture of square padstow grey ichoose glasses

Pictured: Padstow Grey

The irony of retro eyewear is that it never goes out of fashion, which is fantastic news for all you cherubs with rounder faces. The heavy brow typical of retro frames raises the eye to the top of the face, giving your features a sense of cohesion and depth.

Hexagonal Frames

front facing picture of Seaton Blue Tortoiseshell ichoose glasses

Pictured: Seaton Blue Tortoiseshell

Frames like the wayfarer have strong uniform lines running at vertical and horizontal angles, so when someone with a rounder face wears them some geometrical magic happens and voila, they’re transformed.

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What Frame Shapes Suit an Angular Face?

Frames for angular faces

It’s simple really – rounder frames suit angular faces and angular faces suit rounder frames. With angular faces specifically, rounder frames soften features. Here are some from our range we’re particularly fond of.

Upswept Frames

front facing picture of Denholme Red ichoose glasses

Pictured: Denholme Red

The curves of upswept frames like cat eye glasses allow angular faces to wear retro style glasses without going full oval. They shape arcs from the angles of your face rather than running against them.

Oval Frames

front facing picture of Woodley Grey ichoose glasses

Pictured: Woodley Grey

If you have angular features you get to enjoy the eminently on-trend circular and oval frame. It’s difficult to pull off, but not for you guys. The profile softens a strong angular jaw-line, centralising and balancing the features.

Aviator Frames

front facing picture of Malvern Gold ichoose glasses

Pictured: Malvern Gold

These might not turn you into a Hollywood action hero, but that tear drop lens will soften your features. The semi-rimless rounded frame loops with your cheekbones, taking some depth away to give the appearance of more delicate features.

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