iChoose is an online glasses retailer with one crucial twist – all of our glasses are fully customisable. We take an unprecedented, revolutionary approach to eyewear by putting the design in your hands. You’re the one who’ll be wearing the glasses, so instead of scouring endless web pages or trawling around opticians’ that look more like dentists’ waiting rooms than somewhere you’re going to find your next look, why not build the glasses you’re looking for yourself?

Here’s what sets us apart.

Absolute Customisation

Woman in pale blue button down shirt removing a red transparent arm from a pair of round tortoiseshell acetate glasses

Pictured: Guildford Tortoiseshell and Transparent Cherry Red

While traditional eyewear vendors might offer you variation, only iChoose truly offers you individuality.

We don’t make bespoke glasses; we make modular glasses. The difference is critical – bespoke only means rigid, one-off production, while iChoose means you can assemble and disassemble and reassemble your glasses infinitely. With just one pair of iChoose specs and a handful of sides, you’ll be equipped with a formidable eyewear arsenal for every occasion and style. You can create a new pair of glasses every day.

At present there are over 10,000 unique combinations of glasses and sides on our website, with more designs in the pipeline and even more in our imagination ready to follow. On top of that we have several choices to modify the lenses, including mirrored and tinted in different colours, so you can turn any pair of glasses into sunglasses too.

Value for Money

Close up of a pile of British sterling one pound coins

After add-ons, coatings, prescription complications, and before you even consider whether or not you’re buying a designer brand name, the price of a quality pair of glasses can skyrocket quite quickly. iChoose offers that same quality at a much more reasonable cost, and we even throw in a pair of sides for free when you order a complete glasses bundle.

Not to mention, if you ever accidentally sit on your glasses and snap the arm, or even just fancy a new style, it’s only £10 to order a new pair of sides to jazz them up or fix them good as new – no need to buy a new pair of glasses, and no need fork out to get them repaired.

Save Your Creations

Woman in white buttoned shirt with brown hair smiling and holding up a pair of purple glasses and a pair of transparent glasses

Pictured, left to right: Frome Purple and Purple Iridescent Marble, Thirsk Clear and Shimmer Pearl Nude

With as many combinations as we offer, and with as many designs you’ll inevitably conjure up, it’ll be difficult to keep track without a central hub for your favourites. With an iChoose account you can collate all your beloved creations.

Plus, for each one of those 11,000 combinations of fronts and sides, we’ve even rendered a 360-degree view so you get a feel for the depth and look of the glasses before you order, or while you sit there admiring your impeccable taste.

Becoming a member of the iChoose Club even entitles you to special offers and discounts throughout the year, so it’s well worth staying in the loop.

Unparalleled Designs

Blonde woman in a white cardigan on a grey sofa holding up a purple pair of glasses with black and white arms, camouflage arms, and purple polka dot arms and pink and black arms on the sofa

Pictured, from top to bottom: Carnforth Purple and Black White Digital, Camouflage Green Mottle, Spot Me Purple

It isn’t only that we have so many different designs to choose from, it’s that a lot of our designs are completely unique for eyewear regardless. We have transparent, multicoloured, gradient sides, mottled and tortoiseshell sides in extraordinary colours, as well as pearlescent and metallic patterns. But, lest you think we’re all shock and awe, we also have innumerable muted and understated designs in a variety of colours and textures and sizes.

In separating the fronts from the sides, we’re free to play with nuance and take design risks. What might be the selling point of a single pair of glasses anywhere else is merely a component of pair of glasses that will converge to form something greater than the sum of its parts at iChoose.

We aim to give you everything you need to express yourself, everywhere. Watch this video to give you more insight.

We can only talk so much about it, and we designed iChoose for you to take the reins, so here you go – head over to our glasses customiser and have a crack yourself.

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