Coming hand-in-hand with the modern surge of PVC is its alter ego – transparent plastic. This ‘90s fashion trend is circulating back into wardrobes and high street shops up and down the country. From transparent frame glasses to trench coats, soft plastic shoes, and clunky, acrylic earrings – transparency is all the rage, and we’re already on board.

Christopher Kane premiered frosted polyurethane in his Autumn/Winter collection this year, Chanel’s see-through plastic bags are selling out, and 3.1 Phillip Lim brought back lucite earrings, reminding us all that transparent plastic is both minimalistic and provocative, not to mention waterproof.

Splashed across the Instagram accounts of fashion bloggers and celebrities alike, transparent frames are the ultimate accessory to indulge our affinity for plastic fashion with – and it just so happens that our extensive range of optical frames has transparent options amongst thousands of women’s and men’s eyewear combinations, keeping you well in the fashion loop.

Transparent accessories, especially glasses, are a great place to start with this new fashion trend – particularly if you’re not ready to pop on a see-through raincoat and bear all for the world to see! We are, after all, in the era of oversharing – and that’s not for everybody.

young man with stubble and short brown hair holding an orange basketball on a grey background, wearing a white t shirt and wearing transparent framed glasses with blue sides

Pictured: Thirsk Clear and Matte Sky Blue

Regardless of their current relevancy in the fashion world, transparent glasses are also completely versatile – you can wear them with pretty much anything. Whether that’s in the office in the usual work attire, or glamming it up for a festive party, no matter what the occasion, transparent frames have the unique ability to blend in while standing out. They always look appropriate, but never compromise their edge.

In fact, you may have spotted them on an assortment of celebrities going about their daily business or attending events, including Reese Witherspoon, Gigi Hadid and Johnny Depp. We only have to look at Kylie Jenner’s viral clear-framed glasses to see how popular they’re becoming.

Let’s not forget the see-through accessories to match, such as the see-through Yeezy pumps Kim Kardashian was seen wearing around Beverly Hills recently. If you’re looking to add a game-changing element to your outfit and broadcast your individuality, transparent accessories and glasses are a great place to start!

Pictured: Thirsk Clear and Matte Brown Tortoiseshell

So, why does everyone, including A-list celebrities, love to wear transparent frame glasses? First of all, the minimalistic style opens up your facial features and draws attention to the colour and shape of your eyes, whereas some thick rimmed glasses hide away your best features. Transparent glasses also look cutting edge – plastic is a material our sartorial traditions might not naturally gravitate to, and we’re asked to refine our taste for it, as all innovative fashion must do.

As well as being unisex, with clear frame glasses you don’t have to worry about finding a frame that suits your skin tone, hair, or eye colour – the colourless frame complements everyone! And the beauty of our mix and match, customisable eyewear, means that when you decide you fancy a change from wearing transparent frame glasses, you can swap your sides or fronts for a completely different shape, colour, or style – without having to buy another pair of glasses.

Pictured: Filton Red, Guildford Black, Thirsk Clear and Orange Turquoise Pink.

Picking the right frames isn’t always an easy decision, which is why customising your glasses with our range of interchangeable sides and fronts is a great way to change up your personal style.

So, why not opt for versatile, great value eyewear and choose a transparent pair when you order your iChoose bundle? A starter bundle costs £60, which includes one chosen frame with single vision prescription lenses, one pair of matching sides, and another pair of sides of your choice for free, with additional sides costing just £10 per set.

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