Pictured: Woodley Black

I'm so indecisive - I choose an outfit I love in the morning and by lunchtime, I already want to change it up. I'm exactly the same with my glasses, so the concept of customisable fashion is super exciting to me and the launch of iChoose piqued my interest.

The idea that I can switch up the sides of my glasses depending on my outfit or mood is innovative and it's the direction I see the fashion industry heading in.

In terms of frames, I chose the Seaton and Woodley - my personal preference is more masculine frames and I love how both look on me.

I have a variety of different sides and it's so much fun swapping them up! I love the tortoiseshell sides best but the zebra print go well with the black Seaton frames to add a bit of a fun vibe to your outfit.

Pictured: Seaton Red and Matte Black Classic

The matte black sides mean that if you're going a bit more adventurous with your outfit, you can at least keep your glasses tame and neutral!

Get my look with your choice of interchangeable sides via the iChoose website. Each bundle is just £60, so you can get your very own choice of frames and sides without having to break the bank. Plus, additional sides are an extra £10, meaning you can transform your look for even less.

Check out my Instagram to see how I styled my frames and for more fashion inspiration.

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