Pictured: Egremont Brown and Christmas Pine Wood

Being fashion-forward isn’t always easy, and making sure your glasses match your outfit-of-the-day can be difficult; that’s why I partnered with iChoose – the eyewear brand with interchangeable sides is a unique way of looking stylish and eye-catching on any, and every, occasion.

I’ve added three pairs of iChoose frames to my eyewear wardrobe, teaming the Egremont, Shaftesbury and Elland frames with a variety of sides, depending on my outfit and mood. The monochrome sides make my frames easy to transition throughout the day, as I’ve been layering up in light of the British weather and start of spring. The wood pattern sides add a rustic touch and texture to my look.

The Egremont frames, which are a nod to the 60s and come in a deep dark brown work well with my face shape. And, you can’t go wrong with the classic wayfarer silhouette – a timeless frame worn by some of the fashion greats from the 50s up until today. My third style of thick frame from the iChoose repertoire, is the Elland frame – it has outgrown its geek chic and hipster connotations, and is now firmly style luxe.

Get my look with your choice of interchangeable sides via the iChoose website. Each bundle is just £60, so you can get your very own choice of frames and sides without having to break the bank. Plus, additional sides are an extra £10, meaning you can transform your look for even less.

Read more about why I partnered with iChoose and how to incorporate iChoose frames into my wardrobe on my blog, and browse my Instagram feed for more fashion inspiration.

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